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The Denali Solo

Great handling - fun to paddle - excellent tripping canoe - best solo canoe

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If you are looking for a great tripping solo canoe well you need not look any further this canoe is for you! Load your two Duluth Packs in it, grab you fishing pole and you are ready for one or two weeks in enjoyment of paddling in the backcountry.

At 158, this is a great solo wilderness tripper canoe. The Denali has a Shallow arched hull, with fore and aft flare. It has tumblehome that starts about three feet back from the bow and ends three feet from the stern and no rocker. Deep amidship 12 Bow 14 Stern 13 over all length 15 and width is 30 and draws a three inch water line.

The plum bow and stern ends help cheat the wind which makes for straight, easy and fun crossings on windy days. Paddles well with or without a load but a loaded canoe always handles the ruff chop better. This a great choice for an experienced solo tripper who can pack light and wants a responsive, easily paddled boat. This boat can be built in three different sizes depending on you weight and how much gear you are hauling around - 146 for 160 lbs, 156 for 160 to 200 lbs and 16 3 for 200 lbs to 275.

Denali Solo Canoe

Plans: $95.00 . Basic Kit: $1,600 . Complete Kit: $3,200


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