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White Salmon Pram

Easy to Carry & Store ~ Superb Material ~ Excellent Tender boat

"Awarded Best Row Boot at the Portland Wooden Boat Show 2001"


White Salmon Pram Rowboat Kits --- Plans


Overhead View Pram

The White Salmon Pram won the Portland Wooden Boat Shows best rowboat for July 2001.

This boat has many uses: a yacht tender, an out and about rowing boat, or a good fly-fishing boat. Can be tow up to five knots an track straight. The White Salmon Pram can easily be carried and stored as she is only 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and weighs about 50 pounds.

She can easily be stowed aboard a larger boat, car top, and the bed of a pickup truck or even inside a van. She trims well with one, two, or three persons and can carry safely up to 500 pounds.

Ray Klebba Custom Buildt Pram

If you want to mount a small motor go ahead, however the White Salmon Pram is so fun to row that I doubt you would want to.

The White Salmon Pram is designed to be strip planked (like all of our boats) by the first time builder. Plywood forms are bolted onto uprights, which are in turn bolted to a 24" x 95" horizontal "ladder strongback". Nine foot by "x " cedar strips are edge glued and stapled to the forms.

Smooth Lines

The staples are removed after the glue has dried. The exterior hull is then sanded and the skeg attached. After hull preparation, a fiberglass cloth and epoxy coating is applied. When dry, the hull is taken off the form and turned over for interior glassing, gunnel and seat installation, and finishing.

White Salmon Pram
Plans: $135 . Basic Kit: $1,400 . Full Kit: $3,800


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