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The Kokanee Canoe

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This Kokanee Canoe is just one of those great canoes that is everybody’s favorite. Just as the Kokanee Salmon moves from bays to lakes and up the moving stream or river, all the while moving with skill and ease, so does this great canoe move with ease. The Kokanee in the old days was the canoe used by many guides in the canoe county of Canada, Minnesota and the upper eastern states.

The Kokanee’s traditional design is like most people's idea of a canoe. The Kokanee canoe has a relatively flat bottom, tumblehome sides, moderately high ends, slightly recurved stems, a graceful sheer line. The Canoe Canoe has a symmetrical shape for easy handling in moving water and for those who turn it around to use it for a solo boat. The Kokanee Canoe makes a great canoe for family trips or for fullfilling those dreams where you portage from lake to lake. If you want different lengths this versatile canoe can be building three length’s @ 16', 17', or 18'1/2", beam 33", waterline 31", depth 12 3/8" @center Stern and bow height 19" P.S. The Kokanee is also a great beer!!


Kokanee Canoe

Plans: $95.00 . Basic Kit: $1,600 . Complete Kit: $3,200


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