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Wahkeena Cruiser

~ Classic Lines ~ Superb for long trips ~

~ Carries a heavy load easily ~ Fun to paddle ~


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The Wahkeena Cruiser: This canoe fits its name "the most beautiful one" This is a great canoe for tripping and long distance paddling. I have paddle the Wahkeena in the B.W.C.A. of Minnesota for weeks at a time - photo at left.

It has an asymmetrical design with the widest part of the hull being just behind the center beam of the boat. This gives it a great "tracking capability" for those big lakes and long crossings.

Interior design

You can build this canoe - 17.5 feet or 18.5 feet long , depending on what you will be using it for. Both sizes have a 34" beam, and ¼" of rocker has been added for easy of turning with added weight. The Wahkeena will carry five hundred pounds of gear and paddlers easily.

The bottom is almost flat with a slight upward curve to the sides of the boat - there is not "oil-caning here".

The bow height is 17½" and the stern is 15½" high, both ends have a slight recurved to give it the traditional look. A small amount of tumblehome has been added for easier paddling.





Helen on her launching day


Jim modified his Wahkeena Cruiser in at fall class 2008 into a rowing canoe.

- Looks Great!!!!! -


Wahkeena at sunset

My first Wahkeena Cruiser on a photo stop in B.W.C.A. in Norther Minnesota

Wahkeena Cruising Canoe

Plans: $95.00 . Basic Kit: $1,600 . Complete Kit: $3,200


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