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PolarStar Sea Kayak

Fast and Responsive ~ Deep "V" Hull ~ Smooth Lines

"People's Choice Award" at Minn. Canoe Assoc. Builders Show 1999

Seattles boat show best wooden Strip Kayak


Polar Star Sea Kayak Kit --- Plans


The Polar Star has all the smooth lines of a fine thoroughbred. This kayak is designed with the beginner to the experienced paddler in mind. The Polar Star has the good looks from the crossbreeding of a modern sea kayak with the age old proven kayaks of the old Greenland boats. The moderately shallow hull design and its narrow hull width, along with its deep “V” bow and stern entry makes for a smooth transition though the waves. The Polar Star's unique bow has a little more flare above the waterline so the boat is lifted up by the waves. This “clipper bow” was well tested by the Greenland Eskimo’s along the northern coasts of Greenland, keeping the paddler safe and dry. She is the right choice for the paddler who likes a long, moderate width, is fast, and a responsive

The Polar Star is 18’ x 22” (16” water line”) she has 1¾” bow rocker, 1¼” stern rocker which makes for easy carving into the on coming waves as well as a solid handling with approaching waves. It also gives it “the foot print” of 16 feet at the water line. The narrow lightweight bow provides for a faster ride in waves, reduces paddling effort in waves, and provides for a drier ride in rough seas. The Polar Star is a “Swedish designed” meaning the paddler sits aft of the center, which reduces the paddling effort, and provide a drier ride when the going gets fun. When paddling in challenging seas the Polar Star almost paddles itself, In other words just let the boat respond to wave’s naturally instead of fighting them. The Polar Star has a moderate initial stability, and because the hull is flared the entire length of the boat from the waterline up to the sheerline it has great secondary stability.

The cockpit opening is a keyhole designed like the one used in many of the English boats. This allows for an easy entry and exit, it keeps the over all opening area to a minimum. This is helpful on surf launchings as it lets in water. It also allows for comfort on long trips where it allows your knees to be raised from the seated position. The lower back deck at the cockpit makes this boat easy to lie back onto the deck for a screw roll. She has a tight fitting hip side for thigh braces which also helps makes for easy rolling. .

Hatch covers are designed to fit flush with the deck so as to keep the smooth looking deck lines. When the waves wash over you deck or you pearl into a large wave, these flush hatch covers keeps the water from splashing onto your face, unlike the hatch covers that are constructed like a lid of a shoebox. The hatch openings are large enough for you’re hard to pack gear i.e.; tent, air mattress and other gear bags. The hatch covers sit on top of an inside lip lid with a rubber gasket so they are both, water tight and securely sealed. Finally the weight is important not only for paddling, it is easier to load on top of you car, this helps saves you the exhaustion of carrying a heavy kayak from the car to the shore, or shore landing in low tide.


Polar Star Sea Kayak Information

Plans: $130 . Basic Kit: $1,300 . Full Kit: $3,200


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